Michael on Mentoring Startups


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Start-ups get the most value from a mentor who can add the skills they need, managing people, managing conflicts, attracting customers, raising capitol.

Mentors learn with their mentee how to overcome obstacles.

An experienced and trusted adviser:

Mentorship,  experienced entrepreneurs,  providing both their insights and connections to founders.

Mentors, they’ve been there and done that, and they’re here to help your company succeed.

Mentor is someone who went through startup process and is ready to guide you on the path.

A mentor is someone you have a relationship with. That's something people forget - they just want someone to dispense advice. That's an advisor.

Socrates was a pretty smart guy, and yet his response

                 when asked about wisdom:

              “One thing only I know, is I know nothing.”

                     Other quotes by him (2400 years ago!)

              “To find yourself, think for yourself.”


Socrates mentored Plato, Plato mentored Aristotle. Aristotle was the mentor of Alexander the Great. - Mentoring makes you Great!

Do you want the support of a
       journey specialist?   or            
    Do you want the advice of a 
  destination specialist?
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Startups with mentors are 90% more likely to succeed.

Most startup mentors are “Advisors”, answering your questions helping you explore the destination.

A few are focused on helping you navigate the Journey. - lets grow the ‘Few.’


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